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Mirumoto Shiryu --L5R CCG. (AEG)

Tepheroth--Warlord CCG. (AEG)

Twilight Hunters (c)ALee 2003

ButterflyDemonSword (c)ALee2003.

Nestlings (c)ALee2003.

Rekai 2000(c)ALee 2003

Yasuki Hachi exp.--L5R: An Oni's Fury CCG. (AEG)

Daidoji Rekai--L5R: Dark Journey Home. (AEG)

Shiba Aikune exp.--L5R: An Oni's Fury CCG. (AEG)

Shiryo no Ch'i--L5R: Spirit Wars CCG. (AEG)

Foxes and Red Velvet (c)ALee 2003

Wythien--Warlord: Assassin's Strike CCG. (AEG)

Asurmen--Warhammer 40K CCG. (Sabertooth)

Iyanna Arienal--Warhammer40K CCG. (Sabertooth)

Wyrmlord (c)ALee 2003

Sylvia Etalon du Toille--7thSea: Horizon's Edge CCG. (AEG)

Percis D'Cassell--7thSea: Reaper's Fee CCG. (AEG)

Alistair Dunscon--Rifts CCG. (Precedence)

Dunscon's Court--Rifts CCG. (Precedence)

Guinevere--Rifts CCG. (Precedence)

Gargoyle Mage vs Pan-ku Dragon--Rifts CCG. (Precedence)

Balrog--Middle Earth CCG. (ICE)

Twisted Tales-- Middle Earth CCG. (ICE)

Cave Troll--Middle Earth CCG. (ICE)

Legolas at Helms Deep--Middle Earth CCG. (ICE)

Galomir--Warhammer40K CCG. (Sabertooth)

Shiba Tsukimi, exp.--L5R: Wrath of the Emperor CCG. (AEG)

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