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DO I SIGN CARDS?-- Yes I do. But please enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with the correct postage with your cards. I can't afford to pay postage on everyone's letters, so that is the least you can do! For yourself, please try to put the cards in plastic so they less likely to bend or be hurt during the mailing process. That's just a suggestion. For international mailing, please enclose at least 2 IRCs or several US dollars to cover the postage, and enclose the self-addressed envelope. For my mailing address, please e-mail me: april@aprillee.com

CAN YOU COMMISSION ME TO DRAW OR PAINT A CHARACTER OR SCENE???-- As much as I would love to take private art commissions, I can not. My computer game job and my free-lance illustration work takes up all my time, including my evenings and weekends! I have also had trouble in the past in fulfilling private commissions--as in, I take years to do them! (Ask David Morris, who is still waiting!) If you are looking for an illustrator for professional publication, then feel free to contact me. I may still be too busy, but sometimes I have periods in my schedule that might open up. And I also know many other artists of high caliber to whom I can pass on information.

CAN YOU USE MY IMAGES ON YOUR WEBPAGES OR FOR WALLPAPER, ETC???-- The card art is copyright of the various companies and should not be used without permission from the card game companies. The computer game art is copyright of the various companies and can not be used without permission from the computer game companies. All other art is copyrighted to me and should not be used without permission. Permission will only be granted for promotional purposes, as a banner link for my website or for use in association with an article or interview regarding me and my artwork. Artwork used in this manner should not be altered in any way, except for re-sizing, without permission. The buying of rights (with contract and payment) can also be negotiated with me. All other usage is prohibited under the copyright laws of the United States and International copyright agreements.

WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL WITH COPYRIGHT???-- Copyright is important for artists and for the companies hiring artists. We make our living by our images and selling the rights to the images is part of our income. If we can't make any money, we can't spend time creating the art and would have to work doing something else. If our images are not safe on the internet, then many artists will not put up images, or will have big watermarks on them, or try to hide them with javascript or disable right-clicking to keep people from downloading them. At this time, someone can easily download my images. If they are doing it only for themselves, just to have a look at them, this will not be a problem. I do that kind of thing myself. But there are people who think everything should be free for the taking. Sorry, but we are still living in a society that believes in property and that the taking of someone else's property is STEALING. I don't mind the harmless download, but if I don't protect my copyright, there are bad people who won't want to pay artists, but just steal art and use it to sell things on their website or put it on their products, and they will be making money off of some artist's hard work. Then the artists won't be able to make a living and won't be able to produce the artwork.

HOW DOES SOMEONE ORDER PRINTS OR BUY ORIGINALS???-- Please e-mail me about this. I'm not set up very well to sell prints and originals at this time. I am only one person and I am busy working all the time, so I have very little time to do things like build this site and to mat and pack and mail prints. Please have patience with me. Thanks!

WHAT CONVENTIONS WILL I BE AT???--- Please check out my "Appearances" page. I try to keep it as current as I can.

WHAT ADVICE TO I HAVE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BE AN ARTIST???--- 1) Know your craft. Know the kind of art you want to do and try doing that until you can. Be aware of your skill level. If you know you need some work before you can think of creating art at a professional level, take classes, practice, work hard, talk to other artists, etc. 2) If you know you can compete with professional artists, but don't know how to get jobs or contacts, do some research. Talk to artists who do the same kind of art you want to do. Find out what companies publish the kind of art you want to do. Create a portfolio of pieces that would convince an art director to hire you. Make hard copies of them (print-outs or color xeroxes) so you can mail people samples, and also put them on the internet for art directors--or buyers--to see. Don't be discouraged if you don't get many responses. Keep trying. The companies may not be ready to hire anyone new just then, but you might catch them at a good time later on. 3) For game art jobs--go to GenCon, Origins, and maybe the San Diego Comic Con and DragonCon. Many companies and art directors will be there. And also artists you can talk to.

WHAT INSPIRES ME, HOW DO I COME UP WITH MY IMAGES???-- You need to know a lot to be an artist. You need to know how to research. You need to know how to find references for the clothing and kinds of trees and animals and buildings and tools and weapons that make a painting look right. Look at and know about other artists--not just the ones who do work that you like. You can learn from everything and everyone, and the more you see and hear and read, the more you can be inspired. I do a lot of reading and look at art and photos and film constantly. It is ALL inspirational. I prefer doing fantasy art because I love making imaginary things seem to come to life. J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books. I read it 5 times in a row when I was 13 and have loved it ever since. The images in those words were just beautiful. I could never come close to painting what I saw in my mind, but I am inspired to keep trying!

WHO ARE MY FAVORITE ARTISTS???-- There are really too many to list, but here are a few: Alfonse Mucha, Gustav Klimpt, Botticelli, Michaelangelo, Aubrey Beardsley, Frazetta, Michael Whelan, Thomas Canty, Yoshitoshi, Yoshitaka Amano, Vermeer, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Bourguereau, Brom, Michael Kaluta, William Stout, Donato Giancola, John Howe, Brian Froud, NeNe Thomas, Quinton Hoover, L.A. Williams, rk post, James Guerney, Don Maitz, Susan Seddon-Boulet, Therese Nielsen, Matt Wilson, Alma-Tadema, Lord Leighton, John Waterhouse, Edward Burne-Jones, Michael Parkes, etc.

OTHER QUESTIONS???--- Do not be afraid to contact me. I'm busy, but I try to answer e-mails.

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