Heroes of Might and Magic 2


Updated: Jan/01

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The Archer. I animated this character using Deluxe Paint, PC version. For H2, I animated the Archer, the Elemental, the Halfling, the Ogre, the Orc, the Peasant, the Pikeman, and the Rogue.  Plus the ones below---

The Ranger.  She’s the upgrade for the Archer.  All this stuff is hand-drawn, frame by frame.  Talk about pixel-pushing!



The Boar.  I did not design any of the characters.  I just got the standing sprite and created the animations.


The Gargoyle.  The character animators also had to change the colors and some of the designs for the Upgraded versions of these troops.



The Mummy. I had a fun time giving him a death where his bandages un-wrap (very quickly)!


The Royal Mummy.  Again, hand-color-changed and tweaked.

I really should put an animated gif here instead of these still Character Portraits (from the game interface), but my files are so old, I can’t access them any more!


The OgreLord.  Very similar to the Ogre.


The Vampire.  I think he turned into a bat to move.  That made animating him easier!!!


The Pikeman (Upgrade).  He gets a feather in his cap and a blue surcoat instead of red.  It was a pain keeping his pike looking straight and not jaggy.


The OrcChief.  A bit too piggy-looking to be at all threatening.  And a bit slow, even for a range-fighter…  You can see all the bitty pixels in his chain-mail.  Yikes.  I was very happy to leave this serious pixel-pushing behind.