Might and Magic 6


Updated: March/02
All Artwork Copyright 2002 New World Computing, 3DO.

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The Archer.

 I animated this character for Heroes 2, now I got to design and model and texture and animate her for New World Computing’s first 3D game.

All the artists learned 3Dstudio-Max for this game and this was the first character I made. 

I used the Jane model that came with Max as a starting point for the Archer.  We had Character Studio and Physique, but I cheated and usually just hard-linked my segmented model to the biped.  Physique tended to oddly distort my model more than the deformation was worth!




The Druidess.

Here is a sketch I did of the Druidess.  All the animators were allowed to design and model the characters they worked on.  This sketch, along with others, was also used for marketing and promotion.


The Druidess.

Here she is in 3D.  OK—so hard-linking the cloak was obviously not an option.  I used ClothReyes—which was totally overkill, since we were still doing sprite animations with limited frame-counts.  But it beat putting in endless bones…!  I think the hood and hair was hard-linked, so her head movement was a bit limited.



The Sorcerer.

Again, an early modeling effort.  Hard-linked and ClothReyed.  This may have started out as the Jack model in Max.


The Jackalman.

I used MetaReyes for the head, I think.  We were playing around with so many new programs!  I just love Anubis, so this guy was a joy to model.  Although his head was way-high-poly.  The weapon is a sort of crook, although you can’t see it from this angle (naturally…J ).



The Dwarf.

Here he is in a screen-shot.  Looks like he’s taken care of one of Tracy Iwata’s minotaurs!


I also did the Sorcerer, and other characters.



The Monolith.

An entryway into a dwarven dungeon.  MM6 was an amazing adventure into a ton of new programs and skills.  Here’s my first efforts at modeling architecture, so it’s quite basic.  Playing around with all the lights and textures for these entryways was a lot of fun. 



Another Entryway.

This time as a screenshot.  I think this one was for the druids.




Sorcerer’s Castle.

I found some cool textures to use for this.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t familiar enough with bump-maps to really make some of the more interior textures look like they are less flat…  But this was a great learning experience.



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