Might and Magic VII


Updated: March/02
All Artwork Copyright 2002 New World Computing, 3DO.


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Entry to Warlock’s Lair.


You can see that the Entry ways have improved in detail from MM6.  These also included animation, although we still needed to be careful not to use too much space.







Wealthier Warlock’s Entry.


Had fun here with reflections and Smoke and Flame animations, and a bit of After-Effects.


Art Manager, John Slowsky, put together a fun reel with all our Entry Ways—having a camera fly through them.  The reel for MM8 got into Siggraph’s 2001 Magic Theater.



The Jail.


Setting up these scenes were a lot of fun.  We could pretty much do what we liked—designing the look and the elements and the lighting as we modeled and textured and animated and rendered them.






Pirate’s Lair.


Aaarrrrrgh!  Pirates!


Played around with co-worker Jeff Bigman’s water, lots of reflection and refraction, particle effects waterfall and motion blur, Druid for grass, a mess of Poly trees, a gently bobbing ship, fog…  Which added up to a super-huge file that, cross-faded, took a weekend to render.





I did a TON of weapons; daggers, swords, you name it.  And even more items, artifacts and armor than you can imagine.  These were in icon form and existed as sprites in the game.





Only a few of many.  Mocked up on the interface screen.




I can’t even count how many Items I made.  But they were fun, since they were high-poly and I could pretty much make whatever I pleased.

Spell Books.


Again, I had a very enjoyable time looking for cool textures to use to create these old, mystical tomes. 


The books, like most other Items, go from basic/less powerful and expensive to greater/more powerful and expensive. 





I also did spears, staffs, hammers, clubs, tridents, cutlasses, longswords, long-daggers, two-handed swords, broadswords, etc., etc.  Five of each… plus some special Artifact versions.  Whew!


But wait—MM8 begins soon, so it starts again…






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