Might and Magic VIII:


Updated: March/02
All Artwork Copyright 2002 New World Computing, 3DO.


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Well, aside from Items, I got to go back to my old love of creating monsters.  I didn’t do any of the animations, but I designed, modeled and textured this guy.







Bedraggled Human.


Poor guy!  He was a lot of fun to make, though.





I loved creating this guy, too.  Got to create a fun texture for him based on photos of salamanders, give him a nifty Mohawk, and use one of my many weapons.


Hmm.  He’s got an extremely flexed wrist.  Not my doing—I didn’t animate or pose these guys.








I did a more traditional Triton (very Neptune-like) for MM6.  This guys is more like a troop of sea-men-fighters.  Again, I had a fun time borrowing patterns from tropical fishes to use for him.  And creating fun, spiky fins.  And he gets another one of my endless store of weapons!







I think this was my first Unicorn for any Might and Magic game.  Tracy Iwata usually does the dragons and uncorns, or maybe Adam McCarthy. 


Anyway, I was having fun with the texture maps, again, putting a dappled pattern on him and variegating his mane.  Hmmm… must have a thing for Mohawk styles going on…?



Two-Handed Swords.


Here we go with the inventory Items, again.


It’s not easy to create a ton of sword designs.  I also had to gear them towards various alignments (evil, good), as well as make them range between cheap and  expensive.


Broad Swords.


It helped that I had to make the basic weapon as grotty and old and rusted and nicked as possible.    It was always easy to get the “throw-away, free” item designed because of that.



I decided these should be more uniform, making all cutlasses curved and not having the broadswords curved, as in the past. 


It was fun looking up various weapon designs on the internet.





The previous games had more pretty, colored wands and objects, but the look of this game was going more towards the rusted, used, gritty style.  It was a nice change, although it was more challenging to make everything distinct.


Paper Dolls.


At the end I had to make all the armor and clothing for the Paper Dolls in the interface.  All the different levels of armor:  helmets, belts, boots, capes… different sets for males and females…  and I had to physique or BonesPro them all so that they’d fit on the different character models…  and I had to cut out everything individually and indicate coordinates so that they could be dropped onto the paperdoll…  aaaagh!


Strangely—the weapons shown here are not mine.


Anyway, it was a total nightmare, but, hey, it’s a tough job being a computer game artist, but someone has to do it.


Serious crunch-time, no fun, though!  L





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