Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring


Updated: Nov/03
All Artwork Copyright 2003: Vivendi-Universal/Sierra/Tolkien Enterprises.


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Dwarven Giant Catapult.


I modeled, textured and animated this. It was based on another's concept. 1880 polys. Physiqued.








Uruk-Hai Pulsating Sacks (!).


These ugly, animated pods will spawn Uruk Hai units with the right magic spells and combinations.  Designed, modeled, textured and animated. 225 polys. I also made the chalk-mark area of effect decal.






This is closer to what the creatures look like in the game.


Same goes for the Genie:  I created her skin color and face texture, and all the stuff she has on…





Pirate’s Lair.


I think I did 60 or 70 or more… Adventure Objects.  Here is one of the first ones I worked on.


After the taste of low-poly with Legends, it was a lot of fun to return to high-poly modeling.



Ore Mine.


I did all the mines:  Ore, Sulfur, Gems, Crystals, Gold, the Alchemists for Mercury, and all the little resources—such as the Ore Cart there in the bottom of this detail from a screen shot. 




Saw Mill.


Another “mine.”  Ron Alpert did most of the animations on the mines, but I also animated many Adventure Objects—some modeled by me and some not.


Adventure Map.


Here’s a sample screen shot of the Adventure Map.  I made or tweaked maybe about a half or more of the little buildings and items shown here.  I did not do any of the landscape: the trees, mountains, flowers, etc., aside from a few bones and animals.












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