Heroes of Might and Magic IV


Updated: Mar/01
All Artwork Copyright 2002 New World Computing, 3DO.


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Barbarian Female.


Louis Henderson made the model and painted most of the skin in Deep Paint… He did the hair (using shag hair) too.


I dressed her, put on her war-paint and jewelry and made her weapon.









I did the Rogue for the H3 Expansion, too.  Although, this time around, I was just dressing him—modeling and texturing everything he’s wearing, plus the weapons, and doing a bit of painting on his face (the beard, etc.) using textures and Deep Paint.






This is closer to what the creatures look like in the game.


Same goes for the Genie:  I created her skin color and face texture, and all the stuff she has on…





Pirate’s Lair.


I think I did 60 or 70 or more… Adventure Objects.  Here is one of the first ones I worked on.


After the taste of low-poly with Legends, it was a lot of fun to return to high-poly modeling.



Ore Mine.


I did all the mines:  Ore, Sulfur, Gems, Crystals, Gold, the Alchemists for Mercury, and all the little resources—such as the Ore Cart there in the bottom of this detail from a screen shot. 




Saw Mill.


Another “mine.”  Ron Alpert did most of the animations on the mines, but I also animated many Adventure Objects—some modeled by me and some not.


Adventure Map.


Here’s a sample screen shot of the Adventure Map.  I made or tweaked maybe about a half or more of the little buildings and items shown here.  I did not do any of the landscape: the trees, mountains, flowers, etc., aside from a few bones and animals.












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