Portfolio 1: Fantasy Paintings

Portfolio 2: Card Game Art

Portfolio 3: Black and White

List of Published Work




Yogo Rieko --L5R CCG. (c) AEG

Kitsuke Taiko, Exp. --L5R CCG. (c) AEG

Shiba Tsukimi, Exp. -- L5R CCG. (c) AEG

Kitsu Kiiweko --L5R CCG. (c) AEG

Utaku Genshi --L5R CCG. (c) AEG

Supply Raiders -- Warlord CCG (c)AEG

Mirumoto Shiryu --L5R CCG. (c)AEG

Tepheroth--Warlord CCG. (c)AEG

Arial --Warlord CCG (c)2003-AEG

Yasuki Hachi exp.--L5R CCG. (c)AEG

Daidoji Rekai--L5R CCG. (c)AEG

Shiba Aikune exp.--L5R CCG. (c)AEG

Shiryo no Ch'i -- L5R CCG. (c)AEG

Sylvia Etalon du Toille -- 7thSea CCG. (c)AEG

Percis D'Cassell--7thSea CCG. (c)AEG

Asurmen --Warhammer 40K CCG. (Sabertooth/GW *)

Iyanna Arienal --Warhammer40K CCG. (Sabertooth/GW *)

Wythien -- Warlord CCG. (c)AEG

Shiba Tsukimi, exp. -- L5R CCG. (c)AEG

Legolas at Helms Deep -- Middle Earth CCG. (c)ICE

Alistair Dunscon -- Rifts CCG. (c)Precedence

Dunscon's Court -- Rifts CCG. (c)Precedence

Guinevere -- Rifts CCG. (c)Precedence

Gargoyle Mage vs Pan-ku Dragon -- Rifts CCG. (c)Precedence

Balrog -- Middle Earth CCG. (c)ICE

Twisted Tales -- Middle Earth CCG. (c)ICE

Cave Troll -- Middle Earth CCG. (c)ICE
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