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Here I am in my tiny, dark office at work.

EARTHENWOOD STUDIO--Beads!--I was wearing necklaces with a ceramic moon bead and a fairy-face bead at Comic Con--and several people asked about them. I think they're fabulous! Definitely check out this site if you love beads! Chuck Lukacs is a fantasy illustrator and he and his wife create these wonderful ceramics. ADDED: 07/05.

GENCON-INDY 2004--Someone left about a dozen SLEEVES for cards at my table and never picked them up. The colors are GREEN, GOLD and BLACK. Please contact me if you--or someone you know--wants them sent to you. ADDED: 8/04.

DRAGONSHARD--The real-time strategy game for the PC, based in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign of Eberron, has had previews and screenshots up on IGN. There is also a preview up at Gamespy. ADDED: 08/04.

MASTERS OF FANTASY 2003--A CD Collection of art by 50 Fantasy Artists, available from Epilogue. Their site should have all the names and some samples. I have about 5 images on there. There are also some demos and photos and bios and additional information and features. $15--available from their website. ADDED: 11/03.

WAR OF THE RING--The real-time strategy game for the PC, based on Tolkien's books, that I worked on, finally has a website. Game is out! ADDED: 11/03.

TO THE LAST MAN 2 TOURNAMENT--Someone left about a dozen Crane Clan cards at my table to be signed and never picked them up. Please contact me if you--or someone you know--wants them sent to you. Also at EVERYTHING TO GAIN 3--several people left a few cards (mostly Crane) at my table, contact me if you're missing any. Also-- ANYONE who has ever purchased any ORIGINAL Card Art from me--if you'd like me to send you a signed copy of the card with that art on it--(IF I have it), contact me. ADDED: 6/03.

A CARD GAME PAINTING--FROM START TO FINISH--Curious about the Process of Getting an Assignment and Painting an image? Check this out. ADDED: 4/01.

DISORIENT JOURNAL 10: BETWEEN ART AND DESIGN CD--Available from the Japanese American National Museum Store Online. This special tenth annual CD-rom issue of Aisarema's Disorient Journal is dedicated to exploring the state between Art and Design. This issue features creative professionals caught in this state of ambiguity and possibility: Music video creative Anthony Honn (Janet Jackson), Fantasy illustrator April Lee (Might and Magic games), Video artist Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Not XL for KCET), Makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji (Grinch, Planet of the Apes), Costume designer Naomi Yoshida-Rodriguez (Visas and Virtues). Ph.D. candidate in modern contemporary art & visual culture ShiPu Wang along with Honn, Lee, Tsuji and Yoshida-Rodriguez writings explore the space between Art and Design with an introduction by the editor, architect and interior designer R. Sky Kogachi. The extraordinary multimedia design was done by Mark Daggett aka Flavored Thunder. CD-rom. Mac and PC compatible. $10.00. ADDED: 11/02.

IMAGES FROM MIDDLE EARTH art exhibit--I will have several paintings on loan to this series of Tolkien art exhibitions put on by the Italian Tolkien Society and Arteventi; opening July 27 at the Castle of the Agolanti in Riccione, Italy; 19 Dec. to 5 Jan. 2003 at Albertini's Palace, Place Saffi, in Forli; 10 to 31 January at Castel S. Angelo, Rome; 8 Feb. at Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona, Italy; back in Forlė from 6 July, at the Rocca di Ravaldino castle, San Daniele of Fruili(UD) at the 10th Hobbiton--celebration of the Italian Tolkien Society, (5-7 Sept.); Danzig (Gdansk), Poland at The Green Gate, 21 Feb-18 April, 2004 (check out the photos at the www.imagesofmiddle-earth.com site, of the parade and costumes and all the decoration in the exhibit); Wroclaw, Poland at City Arsenal, April-June 04; -- and continuing for the next few years in various other European locations. (updated: 3/04)

http://www.theonering.net/perl/newsview/7/1027445509(News about Images From Middle Earth from TheOneRing.Net)

One of my paintings is shown on the left, at Forli: Ghan-buri-Ghan guiding Theoden and the Rohirrim.

EPILOGUE on-line SF/F Art Gallery--I have started an on-line gallery at Epilogue. (added: 8/02)

PEN & PAPER on-line RPG Illustrator Gallery--I have a new on-line gallery at this great site. (added: 1/03)

News--Last updated: 1/03











2004 MARCH--


CARD ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS: Wrath of the Emperor expansion, Four cards, due April 21.

CARD ART--WAR CRY: Siege of Middenheim expansion, one card, due May 3.

JURY DUTY--Gak--I couldn't escape it! Called in for 4 days and was OK, but on the 5th day, I had to go in, was impaneled to decide the fate of a guy who shoplifted $160 of goods from a drug store--which took four days away from work (which happened NOT to pay employees for Jury Duty. Gak, again). Found him guilty. Jury duty puts me in a bad mood! :P Feb. 27-Mar 3.

PRESENTATION--attended the LA SIGGRAPH's meeting/presentation of "Return of the King"--which had slides and footage from the SPFX/cg/animation team who were there for the talk. It was great! Jan. 13.

CHRISTMAS--Was SOOOO thankful to get two weeks off you would not believe it! Worked on free-lance jobs, slept a lot, spent Christmas and New Years with parents and a bit with my sister's family. The break was NOT long enoug!

FILM & PARTY--Liquid Entertainment adjourned on the day "RETURN OF THE KING" opened, to get Christmas gifts, have lunch and see the film. I'm not sure if I took in half of what was on the screen--but you KNOW I loved it! (--and have seen it three more times since!) :)

CARD ART--WAR CRY: 5th.expansion, one card, due Dec.12.

COVER ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS RPG: exotic weapons?, Dec. 19.

CARD ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS: Hidden City expansion, Four cards, due Jan. 8.

FILMS--I just HAD to go see "LOTR--The Two Towers" EXTENDED version when it was playing in the theaters. Even though I was pretty worn out after GenCon-SoCal, I made my way to see it on the big screen late on Sunday night, Dec. 14, 03.

CONVENTION: GENCON-SOCAL. December 11-14, Anaheim, CA. I was there as Guest Artist, with a large-ish set up (about seven panels and three or four tables in front) in the Art Show--which was way at the back of the Exhibit Hall, behind walls that seemed to annoyingly obscure the location! There were only 20 or so artists there, and most of the usual Exhibitors didn't show... in fact, most of everyone didn't show, since it was so close to Christmas and a new convention (despite the GenCon label). Most of us suspected it would be nothing like a GenCon-Indy, and it wasn't in size, although much of the same trappings and set up were familiar (although there was definitely no waiting in lines!). I had a good time, despite seeming to hear crickets on the first two days (it picked up a tad on the weekend, at least--and better for me, that was when the L5R tournament was held, so I got to see some familiar faces and some people were kind enough to buy prints and originals). My only obligations as guest artist, aside from showing up and showing art, was participation in one panel--about art and the game biz, and to present a slideshow--not too awful, even though I'm not all that comfortable with public speaking.

FILMS--I just HAD to go see "LOTR--The Fellowship of the Ring" EXTENDED version when it was playing in the theaters. Went to the Cinerama Dome/Arclight in Hollywood, which is a good theater--with a huge display of Weta-Sideshow sculptures that made me want to buy some (more!). It was well-worth the time and money to see the extended version on the big screen. And the length helped get me in shape and ready for the upcoming "Return of the King"! Dec. 6, 03.

COVER--SCRYE MAGAZINE, #65 November 2003. I've got (uncredited) L5R art on the cover of the current issue of SCRYE Magazine.

THANKSGIVING--with the relatives, of course! Went over to my parents house where they were hosting two uncles, an aunt and a passel of cousins and a second cousin all rare visitors from out of town (NYC, Bay Area, Midwest), plus my sister's family.

WRAP PARTY--for(LORD OF THE RINGS): WAR OF THE RING: at Universal City Walk, Universal Studios. Everyone at Liquid had a great day and evening celebrating the release of the game (and the end of one of the worst crunch-times I've ever experienced!), with some team bowling and free-run of the game arcade at Jillian's Hi Life Lanes (along with some catered snacks and open bar), then a great dinner at the Saddle Ranch Chop House--along with their mechanical bull. November 13, 03.

COMPUTER GAMES--(LORD OF THE RINGS): WAR OF THE RING: a real-time strategy game based on the books, not the films, published by Sierra/Vivendi-Universal and developed by Liquid Entertainment. I modeled and textures a number of Places of Power and the Giant Dwarven Catapult, among other things. On the shelves, November 4, 03.

CARD ART--WARLORD: Southern Kingdoms expansion, due Oct. 15, 03.

CARD ART--WAR CRY: Dogs of War expansion, due Sept. 12, 03.

2003 AUGUST--

POLL!--At GenCon, some people said they didn't know I was at the Con or in the Exhibit Hall or that they had a hard time finding me in the Exhibit Hall. I have been at a booth in the Exhibit Hall for the past eight years or more, but now the Art Show is very nice and more easy to get to--so... Would it I be easier to find and more convenient to get to if I were in the Art Show with the rest of the Artists? Or at a booth in the big Exhibit Hall, where I have been in the past??? Please take my poll--

BREAKING NEWS!--I have decided to move to the ART SHOW and not have a booth in the Exhibit Hall for GenConIndy 04. But take the poll anyway--it helps me to decide for future years! --if it works, anyway! Thanks.

CONVENTION--GENCON!!! The Best Four Days in Gaming, or so they say. Not that I know, since I was at my booth in the Exhibit Hall, sharing with the gorgeous goddess of art, Rebecca Schumacher. (Visit her great website!) As always, I had a fantastic time seeing my artist Exhibitor friends, as well as all my game artists friends, and my friendly art directors. Set up on Wednesday. Went to a big artist dinner at the Alcatraz Brewing Company on Thursday. Hung out at Ruth Thompson's B&B on Friday. Went to the Diamond Edition presentation on Saturday. Packed up and left on Sunday. Loved signing cards and selling art and getting to chat with players (and designers, etc.) of the games I've worked on. I wish I hadn't been so busy, so that I could have made new prints and brought more artwork, but this year has been particularly nasty, time-wise. But no matter how rushed I am, I still wouldn't miss GenCon. I'll look forward to seeing everyone again next year (and at GenCon-SoCal this December!). And for the record: Sad that Tsudao died; Glad that Naseru is Emperor--which were the results of the L5R Tournament. Indianapolis (nice convention center!), IN, July 24-27.

CARD ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS: Reign of Blood expansion, Three cards, due August 1.

COMPUTER GAMES: "War of the Ring"--There's a review of the game I'm working on at Liquid Entertainment on Gamespy.com, for anyone who is interested. Preview: War of the Ring. In the screenshots section at Gamespy is this pic, of the Giant Dwarven Catapult, which is one of the first things I made when I came on the project (which was mosty completed).

2003 JUNE--

APPEARANCE, as ARTIST GUEST--CONPULSION: Scotland's Largest Game Con, held at the University of Edinburgh, March 15 and 16. CONPULSION 2003: Website --I had a wonderful time, of course. Conpulsion was small but very lively, with many events going on, and meeting everyone, the organizers, the guests and the attendees, was a lot of fun. My hosts, Fiona and Roderick were just wonderful, greatly adding to my enjoyment of the trip, during the con and afterwards when I got to look about Edinburgh on my own. I actually spent my third year of college at Edinburgh University, eons ago, so it was a bit of a homecoming for me, although I barely recognized a thing after all that time. After the convention I stayed at the very comfortable Taylors Inn Hotel (by the Three Sisters) in the Old Town, very convenient to the Royal Mile. The end of the Cowgate was closed off due to the disasterous fire in the Old Town, at the end of 2002, I think. But enjoyment of Edinburgh was scarcely hindered by it. I went on several of the ghost tours--One led by Mercat Tours, to the underground vaults, which was not bad; tried another company which toured the Greyfriar's Kirkyard and the tomb where there has been recent poltergeist activity. Also went on the Literary Pub Tour, to get some culture and learning in with my partying. And Fiona Campbell took me to a great little ceilidh. I took a day tour down to Melrose Abbey, and a wonderful two day tour up to the Highlands with Timberbush Tours, led by a fantastic guide/driver, Tim Porteus. The weather was fantastic and the Highlands were just breath-taking. Got to see Loch Ness, Culloden, Ben Nevis, Rannoch Moor, and much more. I'd love to go back! I'll try and get some photos scanned in and up here sometime soon.

JOB CHANGE-- LIQUID ENTERTAINMENT: I applied at the friendly company next-door to New World Computing, where a friend and co-worker had already been hired, and was happy to get an offer. I started on April 28. We are working on "War of the Ring", a real-time strategy game based on Tolkien's books. I've been making buildings and doing some map beautifying.

CARD ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS: Winds of Change expansion, Six cards, due April 15.

CONVENTION--CONFURENCE: The last Confurence--one of the original "furry" cons, went for a day to visit with artist friends: Theresa Mather, Terrie Smith, Joyce Norton and many others. Burbank, CA, April 25-27.

CARD ART--WARLORD: Dominance exp. Several cards, due April 30.

CARD ART--WARHAMMER FANTASY: Siege of Darkness expansion. Three cards, due May 16.

CONVENTION--E3--The Electronic Entertainment Expo: Just toured about the Halls on the Thursday. Collected a Lord of the Rings T-shirt from our publisher's (Universal-Vivendi) conference rooms; went to a Liquid Company dinner at Universal Studios, and saw "Matrix Reloaded." May 15.

APPEARANCE, as ARTIST GUEST-- EVERYTHING TO GAIN 3: The largest L5R tournament in the US. Had a wonderful time meeting everyone and signing cards. A few people left a few cards at my table--contact me to get them back. Also--if anyone who has ever bought an original from me would like a signed copy of the card with that art on it, contact me and I'll see if I can send them one (if I have one). Was pretty tiring flying in on Sat. and out on Sun., but still worth it. Had a pretty surreal plane trip back late Sunday--got to sit by the metal band, CKY, on the Vegas to L.A. leg. They were nice and definitely the liveliest thing on that flight. Seattle, WA, June 7-8.

CARD ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS: Diamond Edition, four cards, due June 10.



APPEARANCE, as ARTIST GUEST--CONPULSION: Scotland's Largest Game Con, held at the University of Edinburgh, March 15 and 16. CONPULSION 2003: Website

JOB CHANGE--NEW WORLD COMPUTING/3DO: Will be leaving the company, with regret, in mid-March. NWC is moving north 100 miles to Solvang, CA, and I can't leave the L.A. area due to family obligations at this time. Will be gathering samples and sending out resumes for electronic game jobs eventually... right now I need a vacation! CONTACT INFO: april@nwcomputing.com e-mail address will no longer be good. Use e-mail links on this website instead. Daytime phone: 818-889-5600 with extension will no longer be good. Also, NWC business address. E-Mail me for new contact information.

CARD ART--WARHAMMER FANTASY: Two cards (one High Elf, one Dark Elf) turned in 22 Feb. for War Cry 2.

CONVENTION--ORCCON: L.A., 15-16 Feb.-- Dropped by for nice long lunch with the inimitable JerO & friend (sorry, I'm bad with names!), and the lovely Jim Pinto. Also got to see Steve and Luke from Sabertooth Games, and AEG folk like Jeff Alexander. It was nice. I'm sorry I couldn't stop by the L5R tournament, but I had to get those Warhammer Fantasy cards done... :(

COVER RPG ART--7thSea--CATHAY: Figure painted for this game supplement cover (due Jan. 8).

CARD ART--L5R: HEAVEN AND EARTH. Six paintings, three of which are characters; due in Jan. 6.

SOUTH EMPIRE-L5R SITE: Artist Interview--This Legend of the Five Rings players site has a number of interviews done with people involved in the game; also carries news and articles.

DAEMONBOY TIMES WEBSITE: January Artist of the Month--Fellow artist, Frank K. Krug has chosen to put a blurb and bio and banner for me up on his site. Check it out.

HOLIDAYS, STUFF--Went to see "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" four times. Watched the "Fellowship" extended version a lot. Went to a few Open Houses: at BettyAnn's place and Daerick W.Gross' place. Ate Christmas dinner. Watched my 4 year old nephew open lots of presents. Worked on L5R cards.


CARD ART--WARHAMMER FANTASY: Working on one troop card for this, due in Nov. Meanwhile, Warhammer 40K has released the Verdicon set. I'm not exactly how many cards I have in there--4 or so?

Here I am at the primary site for the TtLM2 tournament. Photo was taken by Arioch, I think--if anyone has his email, I'd like to contact him about using this.

APPEARANCE--L5R: TO THE LAST MAN 2, The L5R European Championships, Metz, France, Nov. 1-3. This was just an incredible event for me. I've been working on L5R (Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game) since it started about seven years ago. I've been to all the Championships held at the GenCons--although most have been in a separate room, so I wasn't very involved. But here I was, a guest, at the first European Championship--with a crowd of L5R players larger than the Worlds at GenCon--over 450 people from 17 countries, with the tournament as the sole event--no huge game convention surrounding it. And even though the play started on a weekday--nearly everyone arrived early in the morning, eager to play (unfortunately for the organizers, who expected people to dribble in on Friday). I was swamped from the beginning--at a table of my own, next to registration and the food and gamestore tables. I'm not sure how many cards I signed, but it seemed as if I might have got some from everyone there, and more in some cases, since I was also signing hundreds of cards for prizes in future tournaments and for friends who couldn't come, etc. But that was what I was there for, and it was easier than being on a plane for 13 hours straight, believe me! Plus, I really do love L5R players, who are totally cool people. On the last day or so I was doing a lot of sketches--and was actually getting a little frazzled at times, but it was still all good (aside from the sketches, which I am NOT good at. People have the mistaken idea that if you can draw something you can do anything art-related, which is SO not true!). I sold quite a few prints and originals, so that was icing on the cake. I enjoyed the sushi dinner served at the main site and also the Chinese dinner at the second site across town. I got to sleep a bit more than the players and organizers. Was very thankful for everyone who spoke some English. It was great seeing the energetic Rob Bowman (AEG European rep), the quiet (it's all going on in his head) Rich Wulf, and all those hundreds of players!!! I actually recognize many of your names from the lists and tournament reports, even though I've got a horrible memory. And give my thanks to the tireless organizers, Nickolas, the whole team who were so sweet, and to Paul Jacoby for driving, driving, driving, as well as organizing, and for being a good friend (and thanks again for the lovely Halloween dinner!).

At the Prize Ceremony: Me, Nickolas Kempnich, Rich Wulf, Paul Jacoby. Photo by Chris Oldgeorge--used with permission.

APPEARANCE--FRANCE, Part Deux. The tournament was a total (although exhausting) high, but wait, there's more! I get to tack on a week in Paris, since I made the plane reservations! Can things get better? (Well, yeah, some handsome prince could have swept me off my feet, but barring that fantasy, I'll take what I got. ^_^) Anyway, I get driven in Paul Jacoby's nice new car to the Charles de Gaulle (Paris)airport on the Monday after the tournament, where Rich Wulf gets to fly back to the US after spending two and a half days seeing several large rooms of game players (unfortunately he couldn't get a better flight that would allow him to stay to have a look around--oh, and he had work to do, unlike some lazy artists...). I phone the Hotel Familia, a cute little three-star hotel recommended in various guide books because of its murals and cherrywood furniture and tapistries. It's on the Left Bank, on the Rue Des Ecoles, more towards Univ. Paris than the Sorbonne. I get a room and buy a Carte d'Orange which allows me unlimited usage of the Metro and Rail around Paris for a week (about$30) and haul myself and my luggage to the RER and Metro. After the turnstyles get tinier and the number of stairs and escalators get more numerous, I surrender and emerge above-ground to get a taxi for the last mile or so. I check in and then run out to the nearest Internet Cafe to touch bases with family and tell them I'm still alive, etc., then go to a nearby cafe for a quick salmon dinner. Next day, Tuesday, I need to change rooms to the Hotel Minerve next door, owned by the same company, since I hadn't reserved rooms ahead at all. But I was set there for the next six nights--another lovely hotel with similar decoration, but this time I have a nice room over the street on the fourth floor, with opening window and box of geraniums and bit of a view. At the desk I make reservations for some tours, then go the the Place d'Opera and American Express to change some of my Euros (which is what I accepted for art and prints) to travelers checks.

Statuary in front of the Opera.

Went into the nearby Galleries Lafayette department store (starting to sport all the pretty Christmas decorations) to shop a bit and to eat a deli-style lunch/dinner. Wednesday left at 6:30am for a bus tour to Mount St. Michel on the Normandy coast--which is that castle-like thing on the rock/island that is often seen in photos, cut off by sea from the land during high tide and all. It was pouring rain. We stopped at a smaller chateau for lunch, which broke up the five hour drive. The beautiful distant view of Mt.St.Michel was reduced to a ghostly presence in the foggy rain, but the atmosphere was suitably gothic for that medieval town and abbey, very "Name of the Rose"-ish. Toured the Abbey and the winding, narrow streets of the town. Worth the trip, even in the damp.

Abbey of Mt.St.Michel.

Village streets winding around the base of the mount.

Abbey Interior.

Old walls winding down to the village.

Thursday, another Internet Cafe, this one with actual American keyboards (French ones have the letters and symbols switched about!), mostly to apologise to various lists about stupid sketches which are still haunting me (forgetting to draw masks on several Panekis, mostly, nevermind, it's an L5R thing and I'm easily freaked out, you know). Then to the Medieval Museum (Cluny) which houses the famous Unicorn Tapistries. I used to adore them as a kid, so it was great to finally see them. And museums are open late (to 9:30 in this case, on Thurs.) so I head over to the Musee D'Orsay after that to see their huge collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, and the special exhibit on Monet and Velazquez. Friday, I take a mini-bus tour to the palace of Versailles in the morning. In the afternoon, it starts to rain again, but still I go to Notre Dame and walk up the winding stairs to the towers to see the gargoyles. Then I return to my hotel to get dressed for dinner at the place of a friend I knew long ago when I was at university. She teaches English, sings, has three sweet daughters and an Austrian husband who commutes to London to teach English Legal History--or so I gather. Had a very tastey dinner of raw oyesters, lamb, vegetables, apples in filo pastry and champagne and wine. Saturday--day-long bus tour to the Chateaux of the Loire Valley, some 2 hours away. Have an interesting lunch table discussion with other Americans about their 9/11 experiences abroad (and how sympathetic the people where). Sunday--Another internet cafe and the Louvre, which is very crowded on rainy Sundays when the prices are reduced!!! I got to run through their Egyptian collection (huge), and not much more. Monday was November 11th--big holiday there with parades and lots of tricolor banners everywhere. I flew out in the afternoon. Wasn't ever held up in customs or searched or delayed. Had a very smooth traveling experience. Getting an aisle seat was MUCH nicer for the long trip. Had no jet-lag coming or going... So, again, it was all good!

Notre Dame gargoyle with view of distant Eiffel Tower.

Notre Dame gargoyles--up on the bell tower walkway of the cathedral.

Notre Dame gargoyles, Paris.

Chateau de Chambord, Loire Valley.

Back courtyard of the Chateau de Chambord with winding stairways, perhaps based on plans by Leonardo DaVinci.

Chateau Chenonceau with sphinx statues guarding the entrance gates, Loire Valley.

One of many beautiful tree-lined roads in France(near Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley).

APPEARANCE--DISORIENT JOURNAL 10: BETWEEN ART AND DESIGN, USC School of Architecture, Gin Wong Conference Center, Oct. 24. Official Release: Disorient Journal 10: Between Art and Design produced by Aisarema, explores creative professionals that highlight the ambiguity between the big A and the big D. The evening will be an introduction into the work and a discussion by the 6 featured people, as well as mark the release of the journal. Participants: Music video creative Anthony Honn (Janet Jackson's Doesn't Really Matter), Fantasy illustrator April Lee (Might & Magic computer games), Video artist Ming Yuen S. Ma (Not XL, Xin Lu: Travelogue in four parts), Costume designer Naomi Yoshida Rodriguez (Visas & Virtues, East/West Players' Pacific Overtures), Makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji (Grinch, Planet of the Apes), Ph.D. candidate in modern contemporary art and visual culture ShiPu Wang, Moderated by editor R. Sky Kogachi, architect and interior designer. Multimedia design by Mark Daggett aka Flavored Thunder. --This was basically a panel-discussion about art and design and how it relates to our various experiences and professions. With the actual Journal with samples of work and essays and bios available on CD for $10--Disorient Journal 10 CD available at the Japanese American National Museum Store. This was very enjoyable for me, meeting these talented folk, even though I was late and had to slog through rush-hour traffic in L.A. to get there.

CARD ART--WARLORD: That slush art I did earlier seems to be slated for CALL TO ARMS--or at least an article in Inquest said that they were going to be designing the card for my image... I turned in three more pieces for that set in late October.

APPEARANCE--CONJOSE, WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION (WORLDCON), San Jose, CA, Aug. 29-Sept.2. A couple of weeks after GenCon I attended this second large con of the year for me--as a panelist and in the art show. No only that, but I had two free-lance jobs due between, and my poor "full-time" job! Yes, I have no life...! Anyway, drove up to San Jose for 5 or 6 hours after not having slept for days. Fortunately, I don't tend to drop off to sleep easily. Was on several panels at the con: "Visual Research" (with David Cherry, Bob Eggleton, Richard Hescox and Jael), "Pixel by Pixel, Illustration in Electronic Games" (with David Cherry, Michael Dashow and Mark Ferrari), "What will we Illustrate Next?" (with Margaret Organ-Kean and Rachel Holmen). The art show was strong, as most Worldcons are. Incredible work by David Cherry, who was Artist Guest of Honor, who must have had...six or seven or more entire bays of art on display, and A.B.Word, Theresa Mather, Donato Giancola, Stephanie Law, Rob Alexander, the godlike Mike Kaluta, and the artists I've already mentioned above. Had a great time hanging with everyone, and with Bruce Miller and the parrots. There was also a nice street fair in downtown San Jose going at the same time. Lots of fun, and worth the sleep deprivation.

CARD ART--WARHAMMER 40K: 2 cards for the sets after Verdicon,from Sabertooth Games, art due early Sept.

CARD ART--L5R: 3 cards for "Fall of Otosan Uchi" due Aug. 20.

APPEARANCE--GENCON, Milwaukee (last year there!) August 8-11. Another, fine, fine GenCon! I shared an Endcap booth with three fabulous artists: Lissanne Lake, Pam Eklund and Liz Danforth. Sure, it was all the way in the back of the hall, but the traffic wasn't too bad. As always, I was in a frenzied state getting ready for it. I made a few new prints: "Tsukune Ascends", "Yasuki Hachi exp.", "Shiba Aikune exp", "Mirumoto Shiryu". I had to get them matted and packaged--ran down for a day of the San Diego ComicCon the weekend before, to pick up mats that were cut by a friend and to see a few people at the con. Also matted large print for Paul Jacoby, French L5R Dragon player, since the image ("Mirumoto Shiryu") was of his character. At GenCon, had a great time talking with the L5R players, as always. Also enjoyed seeing my lovely art directors: Daniel Kaufman at Sabertooth (thanks for the party, Sabertooth!) and Jim Pinto at AEG. And got to hang a bit with fellow artists, particularly during a sauna-like Thai dinner (broken air-conditioner!), and at the hotel sharing a room with the talented Heather Bruton and Diana Stein. And with artists and art lovers at Ruth Thompson's annual Riverside Cafe dinner. Had a farewell dinner of a sort at the SafeHouse Sunday night. I will miss Milwaukee!!! :(

WEBSITE--Updated some of my print images. Unfortunately, I'm still too busy to really handle print orders, still! (see next)

PRINT ORDERS--Same as before: Due to having to work on Heroes of M&M 5, free-lance, plus a medical concern in my family, I've been unable to respond to e-mails regarding print orders in a timely manner. Those who are waiting, or interested, have my deepest apologies. I will save all e-mails and will try and respond when I can. Needless to say, no print orders will be going out in the near future. I'll try and keep the news current here and in individual e-mails when I can--so you will know what's going on.

The Pedistal Magazine--an online arts and literature magazine, will be featuring my art in their issue going up on AUGUST 21. (added: 7/02)

2002 JULY--

WEBSITE--GAK--I can't believe it's been so long since I had a chance to touch this poor website! This year has been nasty-nasty-nasty, and no mistake. The economy is still in the dumps, we've had massive layoffs at work. The stocks suck. I had a death in the family. I had wisdom teeth extracted. I've had so much free-lance work I've missed sleeping for a number of nights. Was late for some deadlines. I've had so much crunch-time at New World, it was dreadful. It's been nasty. Annis Horribilis, and all that. -----ANYWAY, I've managed to clean up my big LINKS page. Put in some current URLS, but am still missing some others. I also added a link to a page of some of my recent, very informal book reviews, under the "Literature" category on my LINKS page. I also added a page of BANNERS people can use to link to my pages. Access it through my Home/Main/Entry Page. I desperately need to overhaul this entire site. Put in thumbnails and new galleries and new art. Oh, well... maybe some year!!! :(

PRINT ORDERS--Same as before: Due to having to work on Heroes of M&M 4, plus a medical concern in my family, I've been unable to respond to e-mails regarding print orders in a timely manner. Those who are waiting, or interested, have my deepest apologies. I will save all e-mails and will try and respond when I can. Needless to say, no print orders will be going out in the near future. I'll try and keep the news current here and in individual e-mails when I can--so you will know what's going on. --Agh. Why can't I find a good lackey when I need one??? :(

CARD ART--WARHAMMER 40K: 5 cards for the sets after Delos,from Sabertooth Games, art due June. Also, had 3 in Delos, art due Feb.: Iyanna Arienal, Farseer Kai, and a Dark Eldar Warrior Squad (Alikhari?). That expansion is just out now.

CARD ART--L5R: 3 cards for the special set, "1,000 Years of Darkness," art due at the end of June. Also had art due in April for "Broken Blades" expansion, 6 cards. And 2 cards, plus a "slush-art" card, for "Dark Alliances" which was due in January.

CARD ART--WARLORD: 1 slush-art (don't know when it will be printed) card, art due in March.

L5R ART--Season of the Dragon Art ("Mirumoto Shiryu" promo-card art), was due in Feb. Also did art for "Magic of Rokugan" rpg supplement--cover only, art due last November.

APPEARANCE--L5R: KOTEI (L.A.). Got to hang out with players, Artist Ben Peck, and AEG people: Jim Pinto, Jeff Alexander and Raymond Lau. End of May.

CON--NORWESCON: March 28-31, Seattle-Tacoma. Art show and panels. GOH was writer Jack Vance, Artist GOH was Brom, Theme was "In the Land of the Emerald City" and Roger S. Baum was the Special Guest, there was also a fan guest, costuming guest and spotlighted publisher (Wizards of the Coast). Had a good time seeing: Rebecca Schumacher, Sandra Santara, Frank Wu, Stephanie Law, rk post, Rob Alexander, Richard Hescox, Daniel Kaufman, the Tai-Pan Crowd... and getting Brom to sign my copy of his book.

UPCOMING--Planning for GENCON--sharing a big booth at the far back (toward the right as you enter), with artists: Lissanne Lake, Liz Danforth and Pam Eklund--in August.

UPCOMING--Planning for IMAGES OF MIDDLE EARTH--art show of original Middle Earth paintings in Italy. I'm sending 3 paintings which I did for ICE's Middle Earth Card Game.


UPCOMING--Planning for "Disorient" symposium of Asian and Pacific Islander Artists working is various fields. Panel discussion at USC Schools of Architecture and Fine Arts auditorium at 6:30, October 24.

FOR FUN--Been buying a ton of Lord of the Rings movie collectibles on ebay. It's a nice distraction, anyway!

WEB COMMUNITIES--Joined a great e-mail list on YahooGroups: SciFiFantasyHorrorSpace_ArtShows. Over 600 members, all fantasy artists, mostly discussing (SF)art shows. URL/Link:


WEB COMMUNITIES--In the process of joining Epilogue: On-Line SF/F Art Gallery (etc.). URL/Link:


COMPUTER GAMES--HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC 4 and MIGHT AND MAGIC IX are released. I was on the H4 team, but did a few artifacts for MM9. Unfortunately, right after the games were released, the majority of New World Computing employees were laid off. From a high of 100 people a year before, we were now hanging in at around 20 or so. It was sad. I miss everyone who were forced to go...


SEPTEMBER 11--My sister called me at 6am to tell me that a plane had been flown into the World Trade Center. I turned on the news and watched in shock, horror, disbelief and sadness, along with everyone else in the world. It's sad that people have to do such evil things, and sad that only a few sick people can make life miserable for so many others. What is positive is that the evil, sick, angry, violent people are a very tiny minority. Most people ARE good. Most people care and love and want to do the right thing. In times like these, it's the good in people that needs to be focused on. People need to appreciate what they have and try and do things that negate the horrible things that the few really bad people do. Even if that is just being kind and going about your daily life. Every life is precious. Every day in every life is a gift. Treasure every day, treasure the world and everything in it, particularly those around you.

Be kind, be appreciative, be good.

CARD ART--LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS: 8 cards for the "An Oni's Fury" expansion from AEG, due September 15.

CARD ART--RIFTS: 2 cards the first expansion from Precedence Ent., due in early November.

CARD ART--WARHAMMER 40K: 2 cards the first expansion from Sabertooth Games, due in early November.

2001 AUGUST--

PRINT ORDERS--Same as before: Due to having to work on Heroes of M&M 4, plus a medical concern in my family, I've been unable to respond to e-mails regarding print orders in a timely manner. Those who are waiting, or interested, have my deepest apologies. I will save all e-mails and will try and respond when I can. Needless to say, no print orders will be going out in the near future. I'll try and keep the news current here and in individual e-mails when I can--so you will know what's going on.

CONVENTION--GENCON, Milwaukee, WI--Another wonderful time at GenCon! Five Rings is back, enough said, as far as I'm concerned. I shared a booth with several great card and fantasy artists: Kenneth Waters (Monster-Maker), Lissanne Lake, and Theresa Brandon. Actually, I only shared the booth with Lissanne's art, since she couldn't make it in person. Highlights for me was talking to ccg-players (among them Garner, Nancy, Hazel, Shaun...) and fantasy-art afficionados, meeting many great artists--especially at the get-together at the Rock Bottom Brewery on Friday night (too many to name! but who invited that Pinto guy??!), going to the Lakeside Inn Cafe for Ruth Thompson's annual GenCon dinner on Saturday-- and hitting the Velvet Room and the SafeHouse. And sharing time and rooms with the fabulous Heather Bruton and Diana Stein (and Michael, too). And flying Midwest Express--which is ALWAYS a pleasure. I even got to visit Milwaukee's wonderful Public Museum (Natural History Museum) on the Monday before I flew out, where I enjoyed the exhibitions on Egypt and Japan and saw the Egypt I-Max film. Next year is the last one in Milwaukee for a while--so I'll be there if at all possible! August 1-5.

CONVENTION--SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON, San Diego, CA--I just drove down for the weekend, mostly to see Paul Allen Timm and hang out with friends. It's a great con, as always. July 21-22.

<B>EVENT--MAGNOLIA HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, Anaheim, CA--'Have been to one of these before. It was casual. It was fun. Hi, Laurie--it was great to see you. And Joan B and Joan N and Geno and everyone else! July 28.

PRINTS--I made a mess of new ones for GenCon--mostly L5R (Kakita Yoshi 3, Shiba Tsukune 3, Daidoji Rekai 2, Daidoji Rekai 3, Doji Nagori, Doji Tanitsu, Kaede/Oracle of the Void), 7thSea (Percis d'Cassell, Sylvia Etalon du Toille) and Warlords (Tepheroth). Hopefully, I'll get my act together and post info soon, and catch up with orders.

2001 JUNE--

PRINT ORDERS--Due to having to work on Heroes of M&M 4, and the card games below, plus a medical emergency in my family, I've been unable to respond to e-mails regarding print orders in a timely manner. Those who are waiting, or interested, have my deepest apologies. I will save all e-mails and will try and respond when I can. Needless to say, no print orders will be going out in the near future. I'll try and keep the news current here and in individual e-mails when I can--so you will know what's going on.

CARD ART--L5R: Whew! Finally, the official announcement of the sale is made. I haven't heard a thing from AEG regarding L5R yet--but that's not surprising, since they already have two sets of art done and waiting to be printed.

CARD ART--SHADOWFIST: Turned in 2 cards for the latest expansion (working title: Shaolin Showdown) on June 7.

CARD ART--WARHAMMER 40K: 3 cards for this new CCG by Sabertooth Games due in early July.

2001 APRIL--

INTERVIEW: About my computer game work, particularly on HEROES of MIGHT and MAGIC.

Website: Celestial Heavens Unleashed.

CARD ART--L5R: Still no official announcement of the result of the sale of the game announced by Wizards of the Coast in December. Rumor says AEG (Alderac Entertainment) has it and is going through due diligence. The wait is still excruciatingly long...

CARD ART--7thSEA: Horizon's Edge exp. Three cards due Feb.15.

CARD ART--RIFTS: Base Set--Two cards due March 15.

CARD ART--WARLORD: 1st exp.--One card (semi-boycott) due March 28.

CONVENTION--CONFURENCE, Burbank, CA--Because it's local and I know a lot of friends going. I should have at least one piece in the art show--if I get it painted in time, but mostly will just hang out and try to relax. April 19-22.

NEW WORLD COMPUTING/3DO--Heroes 4 team is not quite in crunch-time mode, but we've been told to try not to take any vacation time before August and to start staying after hours and coming in on weekends. Joy.

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