MAKER: Volks (Japan-based)

HEAD: Volks -- CHH GO01?? type/ Natural Skin, Black rooted hair.

BODY: Volks—Neo-EB GO/Natural skin.

SKINTONE: Natural skin. VINYL.

SIZE: 1/6, 1:6,

FACEUP: Kmiro Creations

PURCHASED FROM: kmiro on ebay

PURCHASE DATE: Delivered June/July 2011.

Kmiro's customized head/dolls are not cheap (usu. around $200), but I really love the faces she paints and her photos of them are amazing. On ebay, they are always dressed in great outfits and posed well. And she always gives them a name. This guy's name was Chevalier. I am calling him Chance, after a character of mine. They sort of look alike, but that's it.

He's wearing an outfit I bought on ebay... I think it's made by one of kmiro's friends...

Roka was happy to have Chance arrive.

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