April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Lothiriel is the second BJD I bought, not long after Elurin. The photos here are of her Dreaming Head because it is the only one on which I have done a faceup.

Lothiriel is quiet, but self-assured, elegant and calm. She has not had time to develop much of a personality because Irime arrived and borrowed her body--and has been using it ever since!


NAME: a Sindarin elf name from J. R. R. Tolkien's books

COMPANY: Cerberus Project (Korean based, Japanese co.?)

SIZE: Delf (~60cm size, similar to Volks SD-13)

HEAD SCULPT: Elf Lishe 2004-5 Original Edition #22 of 68, came with Elf Lishe Dreaming Vampire Head & Elf Lishe Dreaming Head

BODY SCULPT: Type 1 Mature Girl (Lishe body)

SKIN TONE: White Skin (Beauty White)

MAKEUP (Faceup): No Default (not available); Self-done faceup

PURCHASED FROM: CP, via Liria (English-speaking, based in Australia?)

PURCHASE DATE: December 2004; Original Owner

DEFAULT ITEMS: Dreaming Lishe Elf Head, Dreaming Vampire Lishe Elf Head, 18mm blue eyes, 2 pair of optional hands (Soo Special, Dark Elf Soo), 1 limited Lishe Elf wig, 1 pair Lishe Elf boots



Wearing an outfit by AppleAvenue

At PamSD's Halloween Meetup '05. She's wearing an outfit by SpookyChicks.

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