April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

After buying a number of Larger-than-Large sized dolls, I back-slid... Sometimes there is just a face that grabs you. That happened with this guy. He's sculpted by a little boutique Korean company... one sculptress, I think, and they most often make heads, but this time they had a brand new body. Although they've done 70cm dolls, this one was a 60cm body... but more defined and realistic (well, in an idealized way), like the latest BJD trends. I really liked the body sculpt. And I do like the size of the 60cm dolls. Plus--most of the items and clothes I have are 60cm size.

I have to admit that one reason the head sculpt appealed was that it reminded me a bit of one of my characters. I usually don't do this when I buy dolls, but... I like what I like and things happen. The sculpt isn't an elf or fantasy... which is another thing I said I wouldn't do... but he is white-skinned, so that's OK. I'm actually thinking I might mod the ears to have points... but no hurry since elf ears rarely show under the wigs anyway... And this guy isn't REALLY my old character.

Immortality of Soul (IOS) doesn't offer faceups, so I had to do it myself... hoping to more-or-less capture the look of the original artist. I had to wipe the first effort. Faceups aren't hard, really... but getting the subtleties of shade and hue right... and the eyebrow shape... is tricky. I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out although I still need to learn how to be MUCH more subtle with lip color, lip lines and eyebrow shades and lines!


NAME: "Feylin" Feylin Ciarogan Blaed.

COMPANY: Immortality of Soul (Korean based co.)

SIZE: Large, 63cm (~63cm size)


BODY SCULPT: New 60cm body.

SKIN TONE: New White

MAKEUP (Faceup): Me (April)

PURCHASED FROM: Immortality of Soul.

PURCHASE DATE: December 30, 2010, (order period in December only, sent out to be made and assembled in Jan. '11), arrived February 4, 2011; Original Owner CAME WITH: Resin doll only, assembled, with extra s-hooks and postcard.


From the "Box Opening" shots. Came with a sort of envelope-like pillow. Nicely protected in a box and shipping carton. No faceup or anything else. Arms a little kicky, but otherwise, well-strung and could pose and stand nicely. Upper-thigh Iplehouse-type mobility joints, double joints in knee and elbows. Two torso joints.

Box Opening: Trying on some fur wigs I'd purchased for him. (Two from Adrastea and two from Thereif on DOA)

It took me AGES to do the faceup! Didn't finish it until March 6, 2011. Had to wipe the first one because the lip color was getting too muddy and the shading above the eyes too dark. I still need to be more subtle with the shade of the lips... and the lines. At least you can still see some brush strokes in the dark eyebrows... They disappeared on my Elureth (Elf El Vamp). Am now running out of MSC...

I was too lazy to take the head off while I was painting it, so the poor body got into lots of odd positions... But it really got me liking the body! I love the sculpt... so beautiful! I also like the posing it can do. It might be my best poser--although that's not saying much since I go for sculpt rather than posing. Anyway, this all made me want to take some nekkid pictures. Usually my dolls don't like exposing themselves... but Feylin seems comfortable... (he's used to it after lying sprawled about for weeks while I sprayed and painted him).

Taken at night... I'm still not happy with my lighting, but it's getting better.

He takes 16mm eyes, but I like 14mm in him. Unfortunately, I don't have many 14mm eyes... Actually, just two pairs... This pair of pink-ish metallics will do for a while. I may swap them out if I find something I like more. But with these sleepy-eyed dolls, you really can't seem just of the eyes anyway.



Finally--clothes--from head to toe... A very fine Gloomy Classic outfit (Gothic Punk Style 49).

Lips look darker in this light.

Just to see if he could slump about... And he's NOT emo. He's good, old-fashioned Goth, if anything. More like a guy who just is super-pale and likes to wear black. ^^

Love him in this outfit.



I commissioned several outfits from Ayase001 "Colors" on Den of Angels. The design is all up to her.

Here's the entire outfit.

And another outfit by Ayase! It's a deep olive green, but the photos were pretty unsaturated...(or is it desaturated?)

The collar was a part of it--just gorgeous. I really love Ayase's designs.

Feylin isn't very lady-like, however....

Only Yvaine could talk him into wearing a dress..

2012 January--Solvang Meetup. Feylin and Yvaine in Ayase001-Colors outfits.

2012 January--Solvang Meetup. Feylin .

2015 San Diego BJD Con--Roaring 20s, Speakeasy Diorama. DollHeart outfit.

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