MAKER: Pipos, Piposdoll

MODEL: R. Derek, Limited (25 sets worldwide) Full-set. BODY: R. PI Cat Size, boy: basic.

SKINTONE: Grey skin

SIZE: Tiny, 28 cm

EDITION: Limited, fullset (faceup--Docshul?, artist, limited special, outfit, eyes)

PURCHASED FROM: Piposdoll website

DATE: Sept. 06, '11 (purchase), arrival 3 mo. layaway: Jan. 17, 2012. SELLING PERIOD: Sept. 06, '11 until 25 sets are sold.

DEFAULT ITEMS: Head & body & a pair of cat (beast) hands, tail, a pair of grey glass IRIS eyes(18mm), special card for owner, Make Up. Clothes: shirt, trousers, boots, brooch. Doll-box, Cushion, Outfit by : ???.

Pipos specializes in Anthro BJDs although they have branched out into smaller-sized human dolls as well. I already have their Bao, fennec fox, and did not plan on getting any more (no matter how cute they are!!!). However, Pipos started making more mature-bodied anthros with their Midsummer Nights boy and girl cats, and their styling definitely intrigued me. I was tempted right away by D. Demon boy, with dark 18thC style. ... but resisted! At least until I saw this guy! *sigh*

His romantic style really fit with the "A Midsummer Night's Dream" theme. I loved his clothes--kinda Renaissance style, that also fits. Not as tailored as the Demon, but nice. It suited the rakish scar over his eye, and the grey tabby-like stripes with a blue-ish tint. I had to find a suitable swash-buckling name, and "Kit Marley" after Christopher Marlowe, came to mind (although the eye-scar becomes a tad gruesome reference). Other than that, I'd have picked a Shakespearean character... but none really stood out, and Kit/Cat was just too irresistible to me. O___o

Cute little golden-yellow Pipos box with sheer navy blue ribbon.

He came fully dressed (well, without his boots), in shirt, trousers and stockings. Just an easy pull took off the bubble-wrap protecting his head. On top of him were his extra beast style hands, his tail, tail magnet, boots, birdie-brooch, card with official number for the doll, and extra outfit I purchased.

Awww--adorable--right out of the box!!!

Close up of faceup and scar.

Beast hands and Tail with joint.

He stands on carpet and holds pose easily with his arms.

I love everything about him--his grey eyes, faceup, everything!

Of course, I can't leave 'perfect' alone-- I must blush his tail to match his faceup, put a little color on his hands (I've decided I rather like his more human-style hands... I usually go for the non-human stuff, but he's already very non-human), and bring the stripes to the back of his head, along with darkening the backs of his ears. There was no paint on the back of his head at all... Not so important--which is why I felt I could tinker with it! ^___^

Kit with Hans Christian Anderson at the Jan. '12 Solvang Meetup.

Jan. '12 Solvang Meetup.

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