Snowdrop is a Bambicrony (company/maker) Ciao Bella 2-parts body(Tiny-sized, 27cm) Kumi Elf (model/type) Limited (number unknown), Misty Blue (Blue Skin tone), produced in 2007.03. She was originally part of the Special Misty Blue Kumi Elf Full-sets. I purchased all but the outfit (doll with faceup by Viya, extra elastic, 2 extra sets of hands, 2 sets of wings, the box, green glass eyes and the wig) from belladurmiente87 (on Den of Angels forum)--purchased Feb. 23, 2007, arrived--March 30, 2007.

I named her Snowdrop, to keep with a nature/elf/fairy theme, and to go with her cool skin-tone and white hair. Other names considered: Cobweb, Milkweed, Thistledown.

Snowdrop is my first tiny-sized doll... and the first non-large (SD-sized) BJD. I like "cute" but I like more mature dolls better, so I thought I'd never get any tinies. However, the elf ears were tempting, as was the unusual colored resin. I think these are the first brightly colored resin dolls (the rest have been Normal skin, White Skin, Tanned skin). Bambicrony released Misty Blue Elves along with Light Slate Gray Elves and Misty Rose Elves--in Kumi, Roko and Pepe sculpts. The Full-sets were only available in Misty Blue.

Snowdrop is a Dark Elf, but anything but evil. She's totally Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. She loves animals and people and pretty things.

She will keep her look fresh and young, mostly whites and light purples, some browns and natural shades. She will probably keep to white wigs and purple eyes.

How can you beat a matching plush unicorn? ... cuddles!

Outfit is Barbie clothes, socks by sewaddicted.

Eyes: Souldoll P107 14mm (bought from Safrin dolls on ebay).

These were from her first photoshoot.

Wearing more Barbie clothes (tight fit, but stretchy knits with large armholes and no sleeves might work).

Boots are dark brown Volks--for YoSD.

I just love that Full-set wig!

Wig by Darkmothflame on DoA. Outfit by me.

In my sister's front garden--in June.

Wearing a hair-tie from Claire's around her waist...

Elfdoll Shop, '07. Nightshade wearing Dollheart, a friend, and Snowdrop wearing a hair tie and trim/gimp.

Elfdoll Shop Christmas Party, '07. Nightshade wearing Dollheart, and Snowdrop wearing Barbie clothes.

Elfdoll Shop Valentine's Party, '08. Nightshade wearing vest made by me and Marshpants, and Snowdrop wearing Barbie clothes, cuddling a Love Bug.

From Group Shot, 2011, Nightshade wearing Heisejinyao outfit and Snowdrop wearing Dollheart white Fer. She is getting more yellowy-- a known problem with the french resin and pale blue color.

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