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Elurin 1 Photoshoot

Elurin 2

Elurin 3


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LA DOLPA 2 (Easter Weekend) -- 3/26/05

L.A. Arboretum

A smaller group than last time showed up... about 9 or ten people. We gathered out front and waited, taking pictures, then paid admission and went in... at first parking at a picnic table, and then walking over to a small pond. The grounds were large and spread-out... not quite as picturesque as the Huntington Library. But at least we didn't get (too) hassled by suspicious guards. Afterwards we went off to Marie Callendar's for dinner. It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed it.

Dolls hanging out in front of the L.A. Arboretum--My Elurin in the center, wearing a very poor excuse for an Easter-outfit.

The dolls brought along their private photographers...again

Group Shot

Gorgeous DES looking very Elf-like

A Shiwoo and a very cool hybrid (RML and DD I think)

Two Elf Shiwoos--each with his own look.

Matching colors.

chatting up

more chatting up


even more chatting up

among irises

on a rock by the pond... looking mysterious

outfit by souldoll, wig by cancan...

...i want to be alone...

irises for two

...stranger in the reeds...

too cute trio

minis on a rock

Breath of Heaven, One

idyll by the lake

close up

Breath of Heaven, Two

beautiful elf

more than chatting

elf buddies

alone again

close up (eye candies eyes)


much more than chatting

slain by beauty

slain by cuteness

bjds with bjds

next day...

next day--"hey, I'm trying to look cool!"

next day... Window-hunting with the cat

Elurin and Soba

hanging out"

checking each other out

I was cat-sitting the next day, so I thought I'd have Elurin and Soba get to know each other... and get some shots for the Pets and BJD thread!

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