Nightshade is a Bambicrony (company/maker) Ciao Bella 2-parts body (Tiny-sized, 27cm) Pepe Elf Ver. 2 (model/type) Limited (number unknown), Light Slate Gray (Gray-Purple skintone), produced in 2007.May. He was sold for a limited period, with other Colored Elves--Three colors (Misty Blue, Misty Rose and Light Slate Gray) and three head sculpts (Kumi Elf, Roko Elf, Pepe Elf -- all three sculpts were openly available as non-Elf eared version). Ordered from Bambicrony Mar 13.2007. Arrived Jun 01.2007

First colored elves were the Full-Sets of the three sculpts in Misty Blue--offered in Feb.07. Shortly after, Bambicrony put up the MB and other colors for sale (non-full-set), with option of faceup by ViYa. The order period stopped in Mid-March 2007. I ordered near the last day. My Pepe arrived 2.5 months later in June.

Between ordering and arrival there was quite a bit of drama on DoA. People were reporting color changes in their month-old Colored Elves. And were complaining about unresponsiveness from Bambicrony when asking questions. And about the long waiting period. And then, when the last of the Colored Elves arrived (mine along them) several of had strange light-colored marks. Mine were odd, but not horribly disfiguring, so I didn't complain to Bambicrony (although I did tell them about it). But another girl had many more marks and asked for a new body.

He is named Nightshade, to keep with a nature/elf/fairy theme, and to go with his cool skin-tone and white hair. He's even more Dark Elf-like in coloration than my Misty Blue Kumi, so I wanted a more dark and mysterious name for him.

These kind of Bambicronys are genderless in the actual sculpt. Since my Kumi is very girl-like, I thought it'd be fun to have the Pepe be a boy. (And I do like having boy dolls!) The problem is that most Bambicronys are so terribly cute that it's not easy to make one look like a boy. And there are fewer clothing options for boys, too. I made a request to ViYa for the faceup that it look mostly like the default pictured on the website, since those faceups were lovely!--using purples on the lips and eyes. I photoshopped one of the images to show that I wanted slightly "angry" style eyebrows (lower, slanted, straight brows). I thought that could help Nightshade's character look more boy-like.

Bambicrony posted photos of my and another girl's "custom" faceups in their Gallery. That was quite exciting. They also added Gifts--Black boots, in my case, and an envelope of photos of BC dolls plus some vitamin/candy. The boots are perfect!

Nightshade is a Dark Elf, but not typically evil--or necessarily evil at all. He hangs about with Snowdrop, after all, and she's totally Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. He just enjoys looking more badass than such a cute little doll really ought to look! And I'm certainly enjoying helping him along with that look. ^___^

He's wearing the Full-Set Kumi wig, which is just a fabulous wig! I put together the necklace from an earring from Claire's.

The coat is made for 1/6 action figures like Dragon or Cyworld or Medcom. Trousers are by Marsh on DoA. Boots by Bambicrony.

Eyes: Souldoll P107 14mm (bought from Safrin dolls on ebay). I had to make the shirt--out of black crinkled gauze.

Here he is in contrast to the sweetness of my MB Kumi, Snowdrop.

His belt is actually a leather neck-collar made for an SD-sized doll.

I made ths necklace from an earring, also. Setting is a side patio at my sister's house.

Badly lit, due to using a flash.

PHOTO BY MIEAGA (on DoA), at the Christmas Elfdoll Store Party, '07. Nightshade in part of Dollheart Panda outfit, Snowdrop wearing the gift santa hat made by MsCholong & hubby.

Ms Cholong's Valentine's Party, 2011. Nightshade wearing Heisejinyao outfit. I think he is getting slightly less violet--which wasn't strong in his resin color anyway. Poor Snowdrop is definitely getting yellowy.

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