April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Doll Chateau was holding a special Christmas Event when I ordered my Alberta. I could get a Hilary or Jodie doll at a reduced price, so I got a Jodie. I wasn't all that into the big-hipped dolls, but this guy isn't human--he's going to be a companion to my Alberta, Thalia... and I would do his faceup and styling myself, so that would be a fun project.

Rue was a difficult to choose a name for, since I didn't have any idea of his character or look! I'm not exactly sure why I picked the name... but it works for me.


NAME: "Rue"

COMPANY: Doll-Chateau (China based co.)

SIZE: Tiny-sized (~23 cm size, Baby doll size)



BODY SCULPT: Boy B-04 body, DC BB series

SKIN TONE: DC White Skin

MAKEUP (Faceup): None (Me).

PURCHASED FROM: Denver Doll Emporium (DDE), agent/rep of DC.

PURCHASE DATE: ORDER Date: Dec. 23, 2011, LAYAWAY Paid: March. 23, 2012. ARRIVAL DATE: June 18, 2012.

CAME WITH: Random eyes.



Box Opening: The shipping box was a USPS Priority Mail box. Weird mostly because I'm most used to getting big EMS (overnight/express) shipping boxes sent from Asia. I sort of miss the excitement of tracking it across the ocean, but don't miss the shipping cost. Weirder... the Doll Chateau box fit the USPS Priority mail box PERFECTLY...

Box Opening: Post card with photo of the Jodie full-set version. Although I really love DC styling, not so much in Jodie's case. I don't have a clear picture of what I'll be doing, but it'll be fun to decide...

Box Opening: blue coccoon-bag. The bag is soft and shammy-like. ^____^

Box Opening: Jodie was just tossed in... no extra wrapping... which was not good. On the other hand, aside from some scuff-marks (there's a little grey mark on his stomach), nothing was broken...

Box Opening: Stands OK. Sits OK. Arms are a little kicky... want to hit his big head. Good thing they are too spindly to do damage.

Box Opening: Weird little guy. But I adore his face. I hope I come up with something to do it justice. Something fun and fantasy-ish would be good...

Took me AGES to get to this--about 2 years!!! Geesh (time flies). I pretty much did the basics of it a year or so ago, but had it sitting around when I got busy. No clear idea of a design or colors. Just started playing about and left it that way... Finished up with a bit of paint to enhance the mouth, but that's about it!

I wanted to do something with the body, too, but not sure what... The spindly little arms really don't need much. I'll have to think about it.

While I had some paints out, I put some black into the eye-grooves of this little critter from CAMELLIA DYNASTY --I think??? --it was a free gift that came with a group order... I guess I ordered enough for the person who ran the GO to offer one to me (white or black). Also painted the mouth a bit. DIdn't spray because of the jewel... Calling it "Marshmallow."

Tried on some 6/7 fur wigs I had on hand (maybe from Beachgirl?). The red wig looked the best. I'd already put in the red eyes, which are Volks metallics in 14mm, which I bought at the Store-Closing Sale. And it all happened to look good with the bunny-thing.

I didn't necessarily intend these two to go together... they were just lying about waiting to get painted at the same time... but I think they sort of work...!

He needs some sort of outfit... but I can't think of what it would be. He'll be nekkid for a while, I think.

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