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Tamishirou "Tamlin" is a Volks Super Dollfie 13, Shiro Tachibana One-Off, Pureskin. He has the regular SD-13 boy body. He was born at the Volks Mansion(Los Angeles Tea Party), August 5, 2006. Aone did his faceup. Wig: No. 94-CB. Eyes: Zoukeimura #27 - 18/9mm. Dress by Asoyim.

I named him Tamishirou mostly because it echoes his model name. I also wanted a Japanese name for him. He's also called Tamlin because he's the only human, normal skinned Volks doll among my white-skinned Cerberus Project elves.

He's got a quiet, sweet, romantic personality. But he's also a strong person who knows what is right and wrong and will always stand up against the bad. He will keep his eyes and will prefer his default wig, but will wear others from time to time. His clothes style is traditional, not too casual, with maybe a dash of street fashion and some goth now and then.

My First Photo of him--as he stood in the display of One-Offs in a room at the Volks L.A. Mansion.

Quick First Photoshoot


At the Huntington Garden Tea Meetup Sept.'06

Posing by the Tea House.

At the Volks Halloween Party '06, in the Customization Contest--where he won a special mention award from Mikey.

At the Volks Store Meetup (bob's big boy for lunch) 2006. Wearing DollHeart Romance of Venice outfit.

At Cloudtrader's Party, 2007, wearing Volks outfit.

At San Diego Chinese Restaurant Meetup, May 2007, wearing Volks outfit and Leeke wig.

At the Volks L.A.Dolpa, Nov. '07. Tamishirou dressed as Tristan from the "Stardust" film in the Customization Contest (with my Cyndy2, Tsukiko in uncommonyou modified dress), wearing pants/waistcoat/frockcoat by Wicked Stitchery.

At the Volks L.A.Dolpa, Nov. '07. Tamishirou dressed as Tristan from the "Stardust" film, playing about (being posed by Bruce with Annette's girl, while she was in the makeup workshop).

At the Volks L.A.Dolpa, Nov. '07. Tamishirou being posed really well(and actually in character!) by Bruce.

Dressed as "The Fly" for the 2nd San Diego BJD Con, 2010. In the Mad Scientist Diorama.

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