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Photos-LA-meet Jan.'05

Photos-LA-meet2-Easter '05

Elurin 1 Photoshoot


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Welcome to my Pages for my Ball Jointed Dolls!

I currently have seven whole dolls and five bodiless heads.

The links below will go to small galleries for each doll.

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Last updated: 12 / 2007

ELURIN -- Cerberus Project Delf Elf El BW.

LOTHIRIEL -- Cerberus Project Delf Elf Lishe BW.

YDRAHIL -- Cerberus Project Delf Elf Yder BW.

IRIME -- Cerberus Project Delf Juri BW (head).

TAMASHIROU "Tamlin" -- Volks SD-13 Shiro Tachibana One-Off NS.

TSUKIKO -- Volks SD 13 Cyndy II NS.

SNOWDROP -- Bambicrony Misty Blue Elf Kumi.

NIGHTSHADE -- Bambicrony Light Slate Gray Elf Pepe.

COBWEB -- Tinybear Bracken White Skin.

"FRECKLES" TORCY TRIATH -- Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom v.2.

Head-- Elf El Vampire BW

Head-- Elf Lishe Vampire BW

Head-- Elf Lishe Dreaming BW

Head-- Elf Yder Vampire BW

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