Ydrahil is a Cerberus Project (company/maker) Delf (SD-sized) Elf Yder (sculpt/type) Limited #189 of 200, BW (White Skin tone). He came with an additional Elf Yder Vampire (Sleeping--closed eyes) head--which I have modded slightly, opening the eyes. And 18mm acrylic eyes. I ordered him through Liria, a Cerberus Project representative, in 2005. His current faceup is by me.

I named him Ydrahil, which is a Sindarin elf name from J.R.R. Tolkien's books--because he is an elf, because I love Tolkien's books, and because it starts with a similar sound as the sculpt name (Yd--, Yder).

Poor Ydrahil doesn't get as much attention as my Elurin, but I still love him. He's sweeter and simpler and more straight-forward than Elurin. He is a bit of a push-over, not very strong-minded, but he still has very strong principles that he won't act against. He easily falls in love and makes friends, although he's slightly shy.

Like my other elves, he does not have a default/basic look, but will wear all kinds of wigs and eyes and clothes. He prefers red and brown wigs, or white, with bright-colored eyes. And he like Fantasy-style clothes.

First Photoshoot, wearing Heisejinyao outfit, souldoll eyes and the Elf El wig.

At the Oceanside Meetup '06, wearing bits and pieces, Heisejinyao doublet, Goddess Virage hat, Reve en Poupee wig.

In the Garden, in fantasy/historical garb.

Wearing Luts wig, Eyecandies, and outfit by Ying Chen.

At the St. Paatrick's Day Pasadena Meetup, 2007.

In a Poshdolls wig.

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