Do you sign cards?

I used to sign cards by mail, but I found that I would be so busy and distracted that it would be a year sometimes before I would remember to sign and return them-- So I am no longer going to take cards by mail. Check to see what cons I will be having a booth/table at, like GenCon or the San Diego Comic Con or Spectrum Art Live-- under APPEARANCES. I will sign cards for free at cons. You can find a friend who is going and send cards with them, too. Sorry about no longer doing them by mail! [Updated: Dec 2013]

Do you give permission to use your artwork for avatars or tubes, etc.?

No, I do not. I do not own the copyright for most of the artwork, so I can not give anyone permission. I am only allowed to use the images myself for specific purposes as specified by the contract with the various companies.

What about the artwork that you own the copyright to?

I am willing to negotiate prices for use of the art I own. I cannot give permission for free usage in most instances (charity uses is possible), because I need to make my income from my artwork.

Do you accept commissions? Will you draw my character?

I only accept illustration contracts for published work at this time. I do not accept personal commissions, in most cases, although you can always contact me to see.

Do you give interviews--for publications, websites, student projects?

Contact me. If I am not too busy for your deadline, I would be happy to answer interview questions.

Why does it take you so long to sign cards, update your website, ship out prints, attend events, etc.?

Sadly, I am just one person and have a hard time fitting in "extra" stuff like that... but I do try! If there's something you want-- contact me by e-mail and be persistent (some items get mixed up in my spam-filter or just disappear altogether).

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