Heroes of Might and Magic III


Updated: Feb/01

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Wood Elf.


Here is a sketch of the Wood Elf units.


I began H3 much like we did MM6, sketching characters, then modeling and animating them. 






Grand Elf.


Here is the upgrade of the Wood Elf, both of which I modeled and textured.


There was a lot of pressure on those of us working on H3, because H2 had been so successful.  The company was expanding and many new people were hired.  It was a pretty traumatic time.





Gnoll Marauder.


This is the upgrade for the Gnoll, both of which I modeled and textured and animated.


I had a fun time digging up hyena textures to put on him.  Of course, in the game, these guys are pretty tiny and most detail disappears.








This is the Gnoll's walk, at the size he appears in the game.






Crimson Manticore.


I modeled, textured and animated both this upgrade and the regular troops.









I think I worked on almost all the items and artifacts, to some degree.  These are some, placed in a mock-up interface, which I believe I designed, modeled and textured. 


Many of the other Items were passed from artist to artist, a practice that became prevalent for this game.


I also worked on Adventure Objects and Combat Obstacles.




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