April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

I've been adoring Kmiro's customizations (original painting of heads) on ebay for a long while, but had thought they were too expensive. I eventually caved-in, of course. I just loved Kmiro's wonderful photographs of this gorgeous guy. They are MUCH better than mine, but her super-fine, detailed painting holds up to the closest inspection and the most mediocre photography.

This boy reminded me a little of two of my story characters, Gwydion (or Gwynn), the leader of the Wild Hunt and Coreleyn, a harper. As with most of my dolls, he's able to play various roles and could be either of my characters--and any others he wishes to aid and inspire me with..


NAME: Gwynn, name from customizer, Kmiro Creations

COMPANY: Volks (Japan based co.)

SIZE: Dollfie (1/6 scale. ~27cm size, 11-12", Barbie's Ken-sized)

HEAD SCULPT: Volks- CHH GO01?? type/ Natural Skin, Center Parted, Silver ??

BODY SCULPT: Volks—Neo-EB GO/Natural skin

SKIN TONE: Natural skin

MAKEUP (Faceup): Kmiro Creations (ebay)

PURCHASED FROM: Kmiro Creations (ebay)

PURCHASE DATE: June 2008; Original Owner


First Photoshoot--mandolin from ebay.

Clothes: Jude Devereaux Ken outfit.

I can't tell you how much I love this gorgeous boy...

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