April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Lucky me! I won this lovely doll at the Central California BJD Con (CCBJDCon) in May, 2010. There were tons of gifts that were raffled off as prizes during the one-day con and this guy was one of the final prizes and my ticket was drawn.

He is from CocoTribe, a company that has made a series of anthropomorphic dolls in various Tiny sizes. They are based in Hong Kong and are sold by KiraKira.com. He is a One-off Fullset, which means there is only one that comes fully dressed with faceup and eyes and everything. He was called: Jerry's Magic Show.

I named him Harry Haredini, as a play on the whole bunny/magician thing, totally for fun!


NAME: Harry Haredini.

COMPANY: CocoTribe, KiraKira (Hong Kong-based co.)

SIZE: Tiny-sized (17cm, ~6.5")

HEAD SCULPT: Jerry Version 2.

BODY SCULPT: Jerry v.2 17cm

SKIN TONE: Strawberry

MAKEUP (Faceup): Default Jerry's Magic Show One-off, by MK

PURCHASED FROM: Won as a Prize at CCBJDCon, May 15, 2010.

PURCHASE DATE: Donated by KiraKira.com (Hong Kong). CAME WITH: Body, Head, Eyes, Faceup, Outfit (in box with 2 pillows).


Here's the little guy in his box.

He really is nicely painted. And the pink-ish eyes are perfect for him. Outfit is fantastic, too!

Here he is, standing on his own with my Piggy and my Fennec Fox, Freckles and Seth.

Harry, posing with my SD-13 Volks Cyndy, Tsuki. Well, he's more just lying there since he's really not a great poser--I think his clothes keep him from sitting well. But that's OK. He's a cutie and that's more important!

Tea Party!

Tea Party! --with Freckles (Alice Cherry Blossom) and Justin Alastiar (zuzu lio).

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