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Elurin 1 Photoshoot


Welcome to my Pages for my Korean Ball Jointed Dolls!

The thumbnails below will link to larger-sized images.

LA MEET -- 1/22/05

Huntingdon Gardens, San Marino, CA

Seventeen or more people showed up on a beautiful afternoon. I'm not sure how many BJDs were there! Many... My camera's lithium batteries died out early (two of them), so I only have some of the photos taken at the entrance to the Gardens, where people were hanging out waiting for everyone to show up. In the meantime, all the dolls hung out together on a bench and everyone was taking a ton of pictures...

Dolls hanging out so far... with my guy and another added to the end.

The dolls brought along their private photographers...

Closer--Left side...

Close-up of my Elurin and a long-lost sister...

Aimee arrives with her beautiful dolls and has to set them up at the end, as the bench fills up.

It was easy to spot our group... lots of doll bags and cameras...

Another shot of same.

Different Angle...

Right side of the bench.

The whole bench.

Whole Bench(still missing the last few who straggled in, though!

Right side of the bench.

Most of bench...

Aimee set up her girl by the pond...

There were lots of places for great photos. Unfortunately my batteries died here!

People just set up their dolls and others would have their dolls join them in some great tableaux--it was wonderful! The crowds of visitors to the gardens seemed fascinated with the dolls, many stopping to ask about them. We had a bit of trouble with security at the end... they worried we were breaking rules by doing somesort of commercial shoot! But it was already getting on in the day by then, so we packed up and headed out... slowly... and hung about in front again, while people continued to chat. Finally we all headed out. It was a great Dolpa!!!

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