April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Soom is a relatively new Korean doll company that has been creating lots of excitement with its amazing Montly Dolls (MDs, for short, limiteds that are available for sale for a month only), with a fantasy-zodiac theme. I had already bought one--a Sard and had been trying to resist all others, but Euclase had an Egyptian theme (and hawk legs and grey skin), and I was horribly tempted. Still, I didn't order one while they were available for sale, which usually makes it safe since I hate paying a premium on the after-market. Alas, when the dolls began to ship, I weakened!

I put up a Want-To-Buy at Den of Angels, but these dolls are hot on release, so I didn't think I'd get any bites. However, the economy is weak and people need money, so dolls are often the first casualty (being expensive and able to be sold for the price of purchase or much more). Avenger on DoA was running several splits (dolls ordered with the various parts going to different people) and had decided to sell her Euclase Open-Eyed head with faceup, body with human legs, wig and eyes. I bought other parts from several other DoA members.

I love Ancient Egyptian things, so I'm keeping that theme for my Euclase. The name Sokaris is the Greek (Socharis) form of Sokar or Seker, a hawk god; falcon god of Memphis, meaning "adorned one." He was the patron of jewelers and armorers. Also a god of reincarnation and of the underworld or impenetrable darkness.


NAME: Sokaris Haru Eukleides, Glorious Adorned One, Falcon God of Shadows.

COMPANY: Soom, DollSoom (Korea-based co.)

SIZE: SuperGem (~65cm size, taller than Volks SD-13, but may fit some SD-13 sized clothes)

HEAD SCULPT: Soom MD Euclase--The Last Judgment (sp), SOOM October Monthly Doll 2008. Sculptor: Jung Hye Eun. Open-Eyed head only (Meditation head with closed eyes and long hears was offered, but I do not own it).

BODY SCULPT: SuperGem Male

SKIN TONE: Grey Skin

MAKEUP (Faceup): Default Soom Euclase

PURCHASED FROM: Body, Head, wig, eyes: Avenger on DoA who sent it on when it arrived from Soom, along with certificates, box, etc., Hawk Legs and Dead Hands from Balloon Molly on DoA (directly after receiving from Soom); Head-dress and jewelry from RiverKelpie on DoA after receiving them from Soom.

PURCHASE DATE: March 1-8, 2009, from Original Owners who sent them on, brand-new. CAME WITH: Open-Eyed Head, Body with human legs, Hawk Legs, Dead Hands, Euclase Wig, Soom Eyes, Head-dress, Wrist-bands.


The Super Gem body is really lovely. Perhaps not the best for posing, but still a gorgeous scupt.

Fantastic head sculpt. I thought the nose was a little too thin, but that's the wee bone I'd have to pick with him. I just ADORE Soom's faceups. I just had to have it! (and on my Sard, too.)

I so love the light violet eyes. They are soft, so attract dust, but still worth the trouble!

Wearing Tous Les Garcons outfit, AlltheGreat goggles, Coolcat wig in Steampunk Diorama at the San Diego Mini-Con, Dec. 2009.

Sokaris and Araqiel were winners of the Steampunk Costume Contest at the SD Mini-Con.

Tous Les Garcons outfit, default eyes.

Tous Les Garcons outfit, default eyes.

At the second San Diego BJD Con, Dec. 2010. Wearing default outfit plus black wings and braided wig.

Wearing gold necklace, re-fitted from a Claire's necklace.

Headdress and collar and arm-cuffs made by me from bits and pieces of jewelry and beads.

Garden Photoshoot, 2011.

Garden Photoshoot, 2011.

Garden Photoshoot, 2011.

Garden Photoshoot, 2011.

Garden Photoshoot, 2011.

2011-06. FDQ - Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, Fantasy photo spread by Mercy Neumark.

2011-06. FDQ - Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, Fantasy photo spread by Mercy Neumark-- One of my photos of the shoot.

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