April's Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

I'd been watching the dolls produced by Iplehouse for a year or so as they were making some lovely dark-skinned dolls. Then they started their Noctarcana Circus theme, along with their larger than large (70cm) realistic, mature males with muscle-bodies: the Elder E.I.D. line with Super-hero body. People were excited by the dark circus theme and by the very manly bodies. There are a variety of sizes in that line, and dolls of both sexes. Basic (non-limited) versions of the sculpts were released in white and normal skin.

I was reluctant to get one of the big guys... They are a handful and I was trying to limit myself to dolls with a fantasy theme. But I'd already been "Soomed" and bought 65cm dolls and found them to be not horribly huge, so my resistance had been weakening with each interesting release from Iplehouse. Akando, with his Pierrot face intrigued me, as did Kamau the Sword Dancer. Then they made Chase the Magician with a "Model" Body that was a very slightly taller and stream-lined version of the hunky "Super-hero" body. Chase had a alternate wolf version head. Then Iplehouse released Tedros, who had the best facial hair I'd seen on a doll (and I am NOT a fan of facial hair!!! But it was just THAT GOOD). He had dark romani looks and a lovely outfit (I am a sucker for ruffled shirts). I was still uncertain... He was human, had facial hair, had slightly tanned skin, was 70cm tall... He had an alternate Lion head, but I wasn't interested in the fantasy elements for once... With a month and some to think about it, and with layaway, I cracked!

And I still wasn't as certain as I try to be when I saw owner photos posted on Den of Angels. But once I finally got him home (I was one of the last, since I had waited until the end of the order period and took the longest layaway--as with my Soom Sard), I was very pleased! Definitely my most realistic doll, and he is just hauntingly handsome! He is named Valentin, for being made available around Valentine's Day, and Heathcliff for my crush on a literary character as a kid, and Gavriel for various Gavriels and Gabriels who have interested me.


NAME: Valentin Heathcliff Gavriel.

COMPANY: Iplehouse (Korean based co.)

SIZE: Elder, EID (~70cm size, larger than Volks SD-13)


BODY SCULPT: EID Model Body Male, Mobility Thigh

SKIN TONE: Special Real Skin (slightly tanned, has UV protection)

MAKEUP (Faceup): Noctarcana Circus Tedros Circus Master default; body blushing: Nipple and Hands


PURCHASE DATE: March 6, 2010, 3 month layaway to June 6, arrived July 8, 2010; Original Owner CAME WITH: Tedros Head, EID Model Male Body with Mobility Thigh, NC faceup, NC wig, boots, trousers, shirt, vest, hat, bag, Enchanted Doll urethane eyes.


From the "Box Opening" shots.

Box Opening: Trying on a non-default wig... People seemed to like it on him better than his default.

Box Opening: Trying on default wig and black shirt and default trousers.

Box Opening: Height Comparison with my Soom Sard.

Box Opening: LOVE Iple's hand blushing--nails and veins on back of hands.

Wearing jpop wig, shirt and vest from non-default outfit.

Looks a bit piratical in that wig...

Just for fun, another wig.

Back in default wig.

Default shirt and trousers, Iplehouse EID waistcoat and belt.

I just love him in that shirt!

At the Party at the Pub hosted by Gayle, who made this fabulous diorama. Outfit by Iplehouse.

Raven (Val's half-brother) in the background.

Val with violin.

Val bought Raven a guitar. He likes to indulge his half-brother.

At the 3rd. San Diego BJD Con, 2011. Haunted New Orleans diorama. Wearing Iplehouse with Bloofrog hat.

At the 2012 BJDC, Austin, TX. Con theme: Enchanted Seas.

At the 2012 BJDC, Austin, TX. Con theme: Enchanted Seas.

At the 2012 BJDC, Austin, TX. Con theme: Enchanted Seas.

After the con... an unexpected arrival: Catriona (Iplehouse EID Carina).

Val and Cat as pirates, shoot.

Val and Cat as pirates, shoot.

Val and Cat as pirates, shoot.

Val and Cat as pirates, shoot. Cat wearing PamSD chemise, cincher, skirt, Julienne hat. Val wearing etsy mini human hat, Marsh pants, Iplehouse shirt, vest and boots.

2012 San Diego BJD Con. Wild West Theme. Posed in diorama.

2012 San Diego BJD Con. Wild West Theme. Wearing Julienne hat, PamSD shirt, Iplehouse pants and boots.

2012 San Diego BJD Con. Wild West Theme. With Catriona and Raven.

2013 San Diego BJD Con. Naughty Nauticals theme. Part of my pirate crew: Lord Valentin.

2013 San Diego BJD Con. Naughty Nauticals theme. Wearing Julienne hat, PamSD waistcoat, Iplehouse coat and pants and boots.

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