Heroes of Might and Magic III


Updated: Feb/01

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Wood Elf.


Here is a sketch of the Wood Elf units.


I began H3 much like we did MM6, sketching characters, then modeling and animating them. 






Grand Elf.


Here is the upgrade of the Wood Elf, both of which I modeled and textured.


There was a lot of pressure on those of us working on H3, because H2 had been so successful.  The company was expanding and many new people were hired.  It was a pretty traumatic time.





Gnoll Marauder.


This is the upgrade for the Gnoll, both of which I modeled and textured and animated.


I had a fun time digging up hyena textures to put on him.  Of course, in the game, these guys are pretty tiny and most detail disappears.






Crimson Manticore.


I modeled, textured and animated both this upgrade and the regular troops.









I think I worked on almost all the items and artifacts, to some degree.  These are some, placed in a mock-up interface, which I believe I designed, modeled and textured. 


Many of the other Items were passed from artist to artist, a practice that became prevalent for this game.


I also worked on Adventure Objects and Combat Obstacles.




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