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April Lee has created art for over twenty trading card games, such as Legend of the Five Rings, Magic: The Gathering, Middle Earth, Warlord, Warhammer 40K, Rifts and Wheel of Time . She has also worked on a number of RPG books doing interior and cover art, created covers for Scrye Magazine and Computer Games Strategy Plus Magazine , and was published in Spectrum 2: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art book. In addition to her free-lance illustration work, she has worked as an artist in the computer game field and has credits on over fifteen games, such as Might and Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic, War of the Ring and Dragonshard . She holds degrees from Mount Holyoke College in English Literature, Oxford University in History and Art Center College of Design in Illustration.

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B.F.A. with honors (Illustration) ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN, Pasadena, California.

B.A./M.A. (History) OXFORD UNIVERSITY, England.

B.A. cum laude (English Literature, History minor) MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, Massachusetts.

Also attended:

Edinburgh University, Scotland (Junior Year Abroad: English Lit., History, Archaeology).

Orange Coast College, CA. (Life Drawing, Oil Painting, Printmaking)

University of California at Irvine (History, Theater)

California Art Institute (Life Drawing, Quick Sketch)


Computer Game Companies --

The Dreamers Guild, game developer (full-time, two years- 2D Art, Animation)

New World Computing / 3DO, game developer and publisher (full-time, six years, Senior Artist- 2D, 3D, Art, Animation, Interface, Concept, Textures, Modeling -- 3D Studio Max)

Liquid Entertainment, game developer (full-time, two years- 3D Art, Textures, Modeling)


Styles: Realism, Styized/Idealized Realism, Cartoon, Comics/Anime. Organic/non-technical.

Subjects: Figurative: Humans, Animals, Fantasy, Monsters.

Traditional --

Media: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Markers, Mixed.

Methods: Airbrush, Brush-painting, Drawing.

Types: Illustration, Spots, Covers, Concept.

Digital --

Programs: Photoshop, 3DStudio-Max.


List of Published Work


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